John Trudell and Gray Wolf Liars and Sladerers of Richard Boyden and Operation Morning Star


Richard Boyden Slandered by Native American Band Leader Gray Wolf


Introduction by Richard Boyden


Out of the cesspools of feral humanity oooozes this primate specimen of inbred stupidity and race hate! Yep...this here is a "Famous Hollywood Indian" and musician who has chosen to spread vile lies and hate about "yours truly" like a pig in heat! This here "Emasculated Warrior" or..."Legend In His Own Mind" decided to make the decision to "Take Me On" by secreting lies about me out of his "Two Spirited" anus rectum. I on the other hand have only the truth to reveal which of course makes this reincarnated maggot my spiritual and mortal enemy. This "demon inspired beast" in the flesh has as his "creator of any and all thoughts and statements pertaining to and about me the one called Satan....even he who was "a liar and murderer from the beginning".

I will make sure this Gray "fecal matter for brains" Wolf becomes known world wide for being "a devil in Red Skin" as a result of his unfounded and unjustified attack upon me on Facebook. And to think this fake human being is upheld as being a "Real Native American" and famous Native American Musician!

Truth is...Gray Wolf is a "blasphemous disgrace" to the Red Race! If there ever was a prototype for a Red Hitler...or Red Nazi...this is one you can put on the list next to the White and Black ones! Oh...and Gray Wolf...rumor has it you have won 5 NAMA awards...well...with my help you are going to win some other "awards" to be known for! Just ask Theresa Two Bulls..."google" her. a former Marine, I never liked getting shot at in Viet Nam and I sure as hell am not going to sit idly by when some vomit mouth thinks he is going to do the same to me now with "lies". Have a nice "career" Gray Wolf...ya hear?!

As for those of you as his STUPID followers and "groupies" that have believed his lies about me and the lies of others...and did not even ask me or approach me but believed face value...this reminds me of a dog eating the feces of another dog because that is exactly what you are about and doing. And who can you thank for all of this Gray Wolf...say his FB friend who brutally raped a 14 year old girl Lee Whitehorse..."fake Lakota" and his "brother"/friend Roy Robertson/Dakota ex-con" and Neo-Nazi Jew hater who was in prison for sexually molesting young girls who you communicated with through the "FAKE PAGES they set up for me. Yep..."your friend" the RAPIST LEE!  (See below revelation about them from Native Woman in the know!)


Lee White Horse Rapist Of A 14 Year Old Oglala Girl Roy Lombardo-Roy Robertson Child Molestor Ex Convict

Gray Wolfs Sources Of Information About Richard Boyden...a rapist of a 14 year old Oglala girl on Pine Ridge and a Nazi-sexual molester! Faking as Natives...look kind of White don't they!? have been used as FOOLS ... believing lies on Facebook pages NOT MINE!  

So where do I begin...lets see...some of "devil inspired" lies about me being...I started my own American Indian Movement Grand Council Office. Shame on you stupid Indian...that is a .LIE...or that I am wanted for "raping Native women" that really pisses me off! Like I am like his "homies" Lee Whitehorse or Roy Robertson/Dakota Thunder who HAVE raped and sexually molested young Native girls...or the rapist infested American Indian Movement... which is a "PortaPotty" Organization he extols on his Facebook page....GUILTY of RAPING AND MURDERING First Nations Woman and MOTHER OF 3 Annie Mae Aquash. How dare you Mr. Red Devil even equate me with a raping Russel Means who with 9 other Brave Warriors GANG RAPED the sister of Oglala Lakota woman Doris Respects Nothing. And we won't even talk about all the "BABIES" the "sperm donating cadre" of the American Indian Movement of DRUNKS left all over...yea...those punks who would get drunk for days...screw Native and White woman like dogs...and then go to Sun Dances with folks like Gray Wolf! Fact is...according to the FBI...there ARE NO CHARGES AGAINST ME YOU ANUS RECTUM or has ANY Native woman accused me of this evil act! LIE DECTOR TEST ANYONE...FBI ADMINISTERED...all FBI in Rapid City...Bob Perry...NOTHIING ON ME ANYWHERE? Guess who is going to get a INVITE ? 

And Gray Wolf states I started my own American Indian Bowel Movement I want to be affiliated with or have ANYTHING in common with the raping killers of Annie Mae Aquash! In my days of ignorance, I interviewed "aimsters" like the Belcourts, Means, Banks, Teeters, Foster...I even interviewed a REAL American Indian...Vine Deloria Jr., Code Talkers, Peltiers daughter Marquita...even took her 3 times from Pine Ridge to the LPDC office in Lawrence KS. Ask her if I "behaved" you F-Tard! Want to see how I really feel about AIM...then ck out MY REAL FB PAGE Mr. Gray Fecal Matter For Brains!

His partners in this crime of slander ARE molesters and my lips and say... Lee Whitehorse and Roy Robertson/Dakota Thunder he says about himself..."I am Crazy Horse Returned"...out of the mouth of a Italian "wannabe" felon x con!

Want to know why they changed their names???? HUH>????? "Jason Lee Armajo" became Lee Whitehorse ... "Kokipa" now...JOKE WHITE MAN wannabe! Roy Lombardo became Roy Robertson... nice "Italian name" huh? Then "Dakota Thunder/Whitehorse/Red Thunder and we all know he is CRAZY HORSE RETURNED! Ask him! So why folks like this change their names??? BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT SEXUAL MOLESTERS DO! READ THIS! They want to hide their IDENTITIES so as TO CONTINUE BEING WHO THEY ARE AND HIDE FROM POLICE AND INNOCENTS

Native Woman Lisa Janelle reveals about these two "friends of Gray Wolf...or "HITSTERS"!

They are NOT Native but "fakes". The "Hostile Indian Tribe" is the group they lead...calling White women "whores", "cunts" etc...and make fake pages for other REAL INDIANS they do not like. Yes...these are the leaders and examples to Native Youth and friends of Gray Wolf! 

For the record...I have never ever talked to Gray Wolf...ever! NEVER asked him to be a go-between me and Two Bulls...that "coal burning whore" who spawned a 1/2 black drug dealer named Will Tynes who SOLD COCAINE OUT OF HER HOME TO THE OGLALA OYATE WHILE SHE WAS TRIBAL PROSECUTER on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. In fact...I went out of my way to expose this THEIVING LYING WITCH and "Red Skin" for STEALING MILLIONS with her "clowncil.  from the grass roots poor ELDERS and Oyate on Pine Ridge. READ THIS and then ask me why I would want to reconcile with this bitch spawned direct out of hell! TRUTH ABOUT THERESA TWO BULLS by "yours truly"! 

This is Grey Wolf's Facebook it and realize this man is a RED KKK RACE HATER...and LIAR AND...he is a "traditional" too! Now what am I really guilty of? READ THIS....working for 17 years among the Dakota/Lakota People to feed and cloth as well as work to reduce the self administered genocide called suicide among Native youth while I was being attacked by the pedophile Catholic Church no less. ! I don't have a new truck...I drive a 93 in a camper trailer with no running water...or hot water. I never took money for myself. When someone wanted to help a Native Elder etc... it was sent to Sioux Nations in their name or Lakota propane...ask Mona or Crystal.

In a copied and pasted conversation below, Gray FECAL MATTER FOR BRAINS Wolf lies to my friend about me..."our talks" etc. When I read this...I realize this man was born with a lobotomy by Satan to be so "black" in his KNOWINGLY spreading THESE LIES!

I am going to OWN Gray Wolfs ASS...his watch. Ask Theresa Two Bulls what happened to her when she did this to me. Ask her who cost her the election. Ask her if SHE IS SORRY FOR SLANDERING ME!  Google "Theresa Two Bulls" and what you find! So it will be with Gray Wolf! "Google" Theresa Two Bulls...where is she? Now "Google" Gray Wolf Native Musician...and where is he? This is just the beginning Mr. Asswipe. We will see who has their head up their ass when this is over!

The below is a "copied and pasted" conversation between a Native friend of mine named Rose Butler and the pathological liar Gray Wolf. Read my pissed off responses!

 i think you got the wrong message from what i wrote...i did not say NOT to help the Lakota people, what i said is that it is up to the Lakota people to take care of their corrupt tribal government! there is

 a difference. i help every tribe i can and have for over twenty years. i have sent huge truckloads of stuff to pine ridge as well as other treservations. i set up the propane fund at Lakota plains

propane to help families pay the bills...every year we finance the propane fund through donations and a benefit concert where every cent raised goes directly to the propane company and NOTHING

 goes to administration fees because everything in expense is paid out of my pocket! but i never involve myself in tribal politics nor do i try to convert the Lakota or any other tribe to my religious

views which by the way would be traditional spirituallity since that is what i believe. if boyden wants to talk to me without the threats and insults i would gladly speak to him but in all the years i have known him and known of him all i have EVER seen is a racist religious fanatic that pushes his own radical religious views on those he says he is trying to help and usually he does it with such

 arrogance as if his way is the only way! as for education i speak at many events about conditions on the reservations and anyone who reads my posts KNOWS where i stand on Native rights for ALL tribes...



it was BOYDEN who started the AIM was traced back to him no matter what he tries to say! it was BOYDEN that used my profile pic to ry and get back at me

because i would not be a go  between him and Teresa Two Bulls with his apology which he also has on his own personal page! yes there is plenty of

 coprruption on pine ridge but that is for the LAKOTA people to straighten out

 since they are a sovereign nation. Boyden continually insults Native people in his racist rants on





i suppose H.I.T. also hacked that? like i said H.I.T. are not friends of mine even though we have been in contact...but only to tell them how i feel about what they have

 done to swan and other friends of mine! but long before any of this happened i was aware of boyden and his actions...

and it had absolutely NOTHING to do with H.I.T. this would be a year before H.I.T. even came into being. i still would rather that everyone took a step back before

 launching an attack that only  causes division and see if we can work things out! i do not like attacks as i have been attacked before and know just how it in the cause for unity i will hear all sides out and try to discuss  differences to see if we can come to understanding. by the way, again


before all this started with boyden he stated that he saw NOTHING wrong with taking "a little" for himself from donations in view of all he has done... 




that is just plain wrong! he is nothing more than a "white saviour" that thinks if he helps Natives that they should listen to his lunatic religious views...what makes him different

than the "christians" that came him and tried to do the same in the same EXACT way???

The below slanderous information comes off of his FACEBOOK PAGE! Yep...dealing with another Theresa and Autumn Two Bulls. Who knows...Gray Wolf might very well be a "he/she"!






  • the saddest thing for me about the biggot racist richard boyden affair is how much time had to be spent on his psycho babble...but it did bring a lot of people together for the common good! and that is a good thing but now we need to move forward with this new found unity to fight the REAL problems that confront Native people today...
           May 21 at 12:25am  
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      • Frank Justin Fix Pack-O'Cain why does he have ur profile picture... as his profile picture??? -_-
      • Michele Samson Awaazhish Bimise I noticed his profile photo is YOU Gray Wolf!
      • Gray Wolf problems like high unemployment on our reservations...high drug and alcohol abuse rates...high teen suicide...the erosion of tribal sovereignty...disenrollment...fake medicine people and "shamans" that sell ceremony...the attempted abrogation of treaties...the acceptance of the U.N. Declaration on indigenous rights...the desecration of sacred sites...the return and reburial of Native remains ans so many many more important issues! these are the things that we should be focusing on...united we stand!
        May 21 at 12:30am       18
      • Sally Dillard Because he thinks he can bully Gray Wolf. He wants him to know he knows what he is saying.
        May 21 at 12:31am via mobile       1
      • Gray Wolf read the whole page to see why he has my photo as his profile pic...he is not happy with me for what i have written which is the truth and this is his way of attacking me on a personal level without having to discuss the real's all right here in my posts!
        May 21 at 12:32am       7
      • Rose Gourley Is this the same guy?
        ‎"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of t...See More
        May 21 at 12:33am via mobile       1
      • Susie-Byrd Chotikasupaseranee I when to this man's site, which by the way he is illegally using your pic....And I wanted to comment on something he said which I was not able to, so I emailed him...this is what I said. "Excuse me I'm a Native American woman and I find your comment offensive to me that "ignorance is bliss in Indian Country and the devil has got a hearty stranglehold." I spent all day in Church today, like every Sunday. Because Sunday for me is set aside for God, to worship and praise him. Maybe if you spent a little more time with God you wouldn't do evil sex acts to women. Only Satan would promote such acts of violence as rape. Real men don't have to rape women, their women give it freely from acts of kindness and love. Think about it...But don't call us ignorant because our women don't like to be treated with rape like the women of your country. By the way this is Gray Wolf's photo you can't be legally using it like this as your own." Guess now I wait to see if I get blocked or told off.
        May 21 at 12:35am       6
      • Sally Dillard Yes
        May 21 at 12:35am via mobile       1
      • Frank Justin Fix Pack-O'Cain I like the part where he says something about his skin being white but his heart being red... I'm afraid if he keeps it up, somebody out there might want to see how red his heart truly is. -_-
        May 21 at 12:37am       6
      • Sally Dillard He is way out of control.... What really bugs me is that only certain things get taken down right away... FB is more concerned with boobs and ass then hate...
        May 21 at 12:46am       3
      • Gray Wolf oh and by the way...these problems will be solved by the people who are affected by them and their SUPPORTERS and not by any biggoted racist "white saviour" that insults the people he thinks "god" told him to speak for...
        May 21 at 12:50am       8
      • Sally Dillard he is no saviour...
        May 21 at 12:51am       3
      • Marion Krott sally yeah like the woman who had a baby born it died 8 hours later baby had dfect where brain and skull showed she posted pictures of baby for family and friends etc. she was banned from facebook FOREVER!! it hit big news and yet this lunatic cant be removed?????????
        May 21 at 12:55am       5
      • Frank Justin Fix Pack-O'Cain ‎2 different facebooks? He claims the one you linked... with your display photo is a fake as stated on his webpage... He also claims that fake AIM page wasn't made by him, but impostors using his name... This is the link to his other profile... yet again using the photo of someone else as his display...

        despite the fact that somebody COULD make fake profiles using his name (that is if we were to give him the benefit of a doubt)... even on this profile that he claims to be his actual one on his webpage spews hate and arrogance, not only to the Native American people... but to several other ethnic groups as well... Who is this guy really? 

        I hate to say it... but he is obviously off his rocker if you look at his pages and profiles... I fear his brain no longer has the ability of reasonable thinking... This individual is the type of person to one day snap, run up in a museum, school, government office and start shooting the place up... We have a mess here... a serious mess.

        I cannot hate this man, but I'll pray for him. But what ever we do, everyone in the communities he is trying to "help" need to be aware of the psychopathic behavior of this man and what he actually thinks about them.
        May 21 at 12:57am       4
      • Sally Dillard I have some great friends that push the envelope... they get "spanked" and let back on a week later, but the fact that they get banned all. I got in trouble once because of a jackass in Miami FL... a gov. offical that thinks all people that feed the poor should be arrested. I told him that he shoud get his head out of his ass.. lol FB didn't like that and neither did he... I just don't get it....
        May 21 at 1:00am       3
      • Susie-Byrd Chotikasupaseranee Sally I've got my hands slapped a couple times on FB, but I did my time and here I am I bet I get into trouble for emailing him tonight. His site has only likes on it no place to comment on anything so I emailed him on what he wrote. I can turn the other cheek on some things, but wrong is wrong....rape, using someones picture illegally, and calling all Natives ignorant and devil has a stranglehold on all of us. Everyone knows I'm a big Christian, but I will get down in the mud and fight with the best of them...Then ask
        May 21 at 1:20am       4
      • Tena Shannondoah if he same man i think he was married to one of them twobulls sounds very familer from way back
        May 21 at 1:31am via mobile   
      • Susie-Byrd Chotikasupaseranee he profile says he is from or in Jacksonville, NC.... He better be careful a lot of Native men down there, don't like their women being abused.....he may wind-up in alligator country as food.
        May 21 at 1:34am       1
      • Deneyse Addison Susie-Byrd Chotikasupaseranee, Its more likely he will try to freind you now, as he did me.
        May 21 at 1:56am       1
      • Shotah Cooli Please be careful what you say to this man. He's flooded my e mails with lewd and sexually explicit comments. I suggest that we do as Gray Wolf says and move on to more pressing issues regarding native people and leave this man to A.I.M. to deal with.
        May 21 at 2:21am       2
        May 21 at 2:34am       2
      • Shotah Cooli I did.
        May 21 at 2:55am       1
      • Linda Pecjak Thank goodness Shotah you blocked him, but I hope you reported him first and take those emails to the police. Peace and Blessings.
        May 21 at 3:29am via mobile       1
      • Sally Dillard wow!
        May 21 at 3:32am       1
      • Jim Hilpert waste of breath and another eye ache to look at!
        May 21 at 4:33am       1
      • Louise de Shield Aho!
        May 21 at 4:48am       1
      • Margaret Stephani ‎"Dont let anyone walk through your mind with their dirty feet"
        May 21 at 5:50am       3
      • Karen Wilson Maybe this guy thinks he's the "light skinned" brother some prophecies speak of; he's just another neo nazi trying to cause disruption & funnel focus away from real issues our relatives need help with. There's always going to be people like him & their lives usually end badly. I've said it before, with all the hate, racist remarks, ect, there's a chance someone's gonna find him in the Bad Lands, or find him in pieces. He needs medication & a shrink, no God tells anyone act like he does.......but demons & bad spirits do.
        May 21 at 7:01am via mobile       1
      • Linda Albano why is it that when i click on his name it takes me to a profile with gray wolfs picture.why is this boyden in a relationship with a women if she indian?he is jerk
        May 21 at 7:43am       2
      • Joann Spotted Bear hay wait a got damn min.. here.. i do not like richard boydon either.. but deb brook cook was murdered..and he is a witness to information that back up what i am doing both go hand in hand..over $2.64 billion is embezzed here. in pine ridge and i also have land that has been stole by robert effocy and document that john yellow bird steel has also embezzed , over 35 million going to manderson south dakota, using the wounded knee name. and garfield steal molesting childern. selling drugs to them and covered up by president john yellow bird steal him self..Paul iron cloud also embezzed and big batts pulled away from working with president john steal.because they all know what is happening..crazxiest (blippppp.. blippp) is we have FBI , BIA AND TRIBAL COPS IN PINE RIDGE, SOUTH DAKOTA, NOT DOING NOTHING.
      • Linda Albano he is no brother of mine and i would claim someone like that .my mother and taught me that we have no color and that we bleed all the same.she got that from my great grandmother
      • Esther Beulshausen I put in a friend request just to leave one of my scathing, burning comments that would blow him to smithereens, lol. But he didn't accept it. Maybe if I tell him that my grandfather was in the SS?
      • Esther Beulshausen I read through his stuff. It is ridiculous and any normal thinking person will see that it is done out of sheer spite without any facts behind it.
      • Gail Baker-Morehouse It's time to move on? Is he dead? LOL
      • Hester Tribble Chief Oliver Red Cloud said yesterday that AIM in Pine Ridge is the same as Richard Boyd and that they do not want anymore fund raising for Pine Ridge; that they are doing good as they are. He said to tell them that he is Chief of Oglala (sp) people. What is it that we need to do?
      • Tina Brady Holtz This is not Richard Boyds page according to Richard Boyd. Someone put it up there and used his name like they used Gray Wolf's picture. It's A white supremicists page. They are liars.
        ‎"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities ...See More
      • Tina Brady Holtz This is one of his article from another site. Pretty decent I think.
        Indians have borne centuries of suffering By Richard Boyden L. Frank Baum, autho...See More