Bright and Morning Star Jesus who inpired me to do Operation Morning Star


Lee White Horse Nazi Jew Hating Rapist of 14 year old Oglala Lakota girl  Roy Lombardo Child Molester of young girls


PREFACE:  THE FACEBOK SLANDER PAGE about me was "custom made" for yours truly by two NOT NATIVE AMERICAN NAZI'S, both sodomites and raping pedophiles of young girls...one a rapist of a 14 year old Oglala girl in Pine Ridge Indian Reservation named Lee White Horse (on the left) and the other an x-con named Roy Lombardo/Robertson who was in prison for molesting young girls!




Graywolf and John Trudell


Click HERE for another "made just for me" slander page by another "fake Indian"...Grey Wolf with his "bath house sodomite buddy" American Indian Movement co-founder and MURDERER of First Nations women Annie Mae Aquash John Trudell!


Click HERE to read the TRUTH about TRUDELL!! Do a Google search on Trudell and Annie Mae Aquash and realize he is a liar and killer!


  Karen Sue Andras x wife and professed follower of Satan as a witch


I terminated Operation Morning Star due to the Satanic inspired ADMTTED BY HER betrayal of me by my "wife" who said she listened to SATAN to destroy me (email from) and now she denies being married and is now a "witch"....yes Karen Sue Andras who has aligned herself with my Jew Hating enemies as revealed above along with her daughter Amanda Shelton who is also a Jew Hater and participant in this hate agenda against me! They "like" the FACEBOOK slander page of me! I am sooooooooo honored! 


And for public record I have NEVER been escorted off any of the Reservations, nor been accused or charged with RAPE (ask the FBI i.e. Bob Perry Agent In Charge Rapid City SD) but for over 20 years I did deliver over $100,000 in wood burning stoves as well as over 500 tons of food etc. to the Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Cheyenne River, Crow Creek Reservations  in South Dakota which is more then ANY AMERICAN INDIAN MOVMENT LEADER/FOUNDER/MEMBER EVER DID! 


And I have never bought a new truck, never used donations for personal use or EVER received a salary!  



I have kept in tact the "Sponsorship Program" open if anyone wants to help a Lakota famiy in need.


"Sponsoring" a Elder or Family means you contact the grocery store or utility companies and "assist" them by purchasing food or propane "In Their Name"! Like a "matchmaking service". I contact those in need saying YOU want to "sponsor" them. You will then get all their contact info.


If you want to go visit, give away a car of truck or send presents and gifts to children etc...that is between you and those you are "matched with".


One last thing I will leave and that is my ministry work in the area of "suicide" in Indian Country and for the sake of those souls being deceived by Satan that "self murder" is the answer. It is NOT...so read and learn!


Journey To The Spirit World By Suicide


Journey To The Spirit World By Suicide



I thank God for using me to help those that He moved my heart to love. I thank all those who of you who assisted me as you have to feed and cloth thousands of American Indians in South Dakota. May God bless each of you for doing what you did because of the love of Jesus in your hearts for His people.


Richard Boyden - Founder Operation Morning Star 5/15/14 Email me at richard_boyden2000@yahoo.com if you want to "Sponsor"!




Click FLAG to go to Richard Boyden's personal web site. Information on "Last Days", coming war/judgment on this land and WHY, and who really runs this country and world or... PROOF there is a DEVIL! Read and enjoy and realize Jesus Christ WILL have the last say both in the realms of eternity and ON THIS LAND...His land where He WILL be worshipped or those who reject and follow Satan...will suffer the consequences...which WE are to soon experience...the America / Sodom and Gomorrah of the Last Days! 



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