This  Charity  Is  Dedicated  Jancita  Eagle Deer, Anna Mae  Aquash, Lost Bird, and the 300 Lakota Children, Women, and Men Murdered At Wounded Knee on December 28, 1890.

All truth passes through three stages. 

First, it is ridiculed. 

Second, it is violently opposed. 

Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.  

Arthur Schopenhauer

 "A Short Course In Indian Country History".  

Forgotten Founders  

Indigenous People of America Have "The Right To Exist'

Here in America, it is acceptable to talk about, discuss, and study the history of injustices meted out to Jews, Africans, Asians, Hispanics, Caucasian's and the list goes on. 

That is not the case with American Indians.

Operation Morning Star attempts to rectify this obvious blatant and hypocritical discrepancy so that Operation Morning Star's G-d Inspired Mission may be more clearly understood and objectively seen for what it is...a Mission to provide a G-d mandated restitution, justice, and in the example of Jesus, a charitable demonstration in spirit and truth, and word and deed!

Remembering December 28th, 1890 - 117 Years Ago? 

Sitting Bull, His Vision of the "Little Big Horn" and the Defeat of Custer

Where this led to ....



Remembering The Wounded Knee Massacre of 300 Lakota/Dakota Children, Women, and Men

Images of Wounded Knee - WARNING! Some Photos Are Graphic and Grim

I had a vivid dream of this photograph...In my dream I was an observer floating...

Big Foot

When oral history coincides with photographic evidence the impact can be disturbing. The photographic evidence of U.S. genocidal practices is not extensive (if there is no evidence of genocide then there was no genocide). But the few photographs available are poignant: The images of the massacre at Wounded Knee, the bodies of Sioux people stacked on a wagon for a mass burial, and the photograph of Big Foot, frozen in death.

I had a vivid dream of this photograph. 

In my dream I was an observer floating - I saw Big Foot as he is in the photograph, and my heart ached.

I was about to mourn uncontrollably when into the scene walked a small child, about six years old. She walked about the carnage, looking into the faces of those lying dead in the snow. She was searching for someone. Her small moccasin footprints imprinted the snow as she walked over to Big Foot, looking into his face. She shakes his shoulders, takes his frozen hand into her small, warm hand, and helps him to his feet. He then brushes the snow off of his clothes. She waits patiently with her hand extended, he then takes her hand and they walk out of the photograph. 

This is the dream I recall when I look upon this image of supposed hopelessness.

Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, "When is a Photograph Worth a Thousand Words?"

  What she saw was the Prayer of the Ghost Dance Being Answered. 

And it was for this reason the Lakota/Dakota were massacred...for praying to the Creator for deliverance from all that was not of Him.

Jancita Eagle Deer    

Jancita Eagle Deer

Raped by Former South Dakota Governor William Janklow - She was found dead 2 weeks before she was to testify.

anna in kitchen with daughters

Anna Mae Aquash

Murdered by members of the American Indian Movement

Hear Bill Miller Sing

The Prayer of the "Ghost Dance"

  Bill Miller Sings This Sacred Song Which Was Inspired From The Creator In Response To His Prayers After Seeing Photos of What Was Done To Lakota Women and Children At Wounded Knee Not Found In Us History Books.

The GHOST DANCE Was Based Upon A Vision of Their MESSIAH Returning To Redeem His People!

The Promise of the GHOST DANCE as shared by a member of the Paiute Nation

Wounded Knee, A Wound That Won't Heal

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee' brings controversy

Read the comments of Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Chairman Joseph Brings Plenty

HBO's "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee"

Blasphemy of the TRUTH by Carter Camp - PONCA

A Murdered Chief Big Foot At Wounded Knee

"The Only Good Indian Is A Dead Indian"

Historical Sins With The Shellac Of Legality


Given to the "Mass Murderers" of the 300 Lakota Children, Women, and Men at Wounded Knee



         Big Foot's band of Lakota Sioux, destined victims of the massacre at Wounded Knee (Library of Congress)   


Mass Grave For Those Massacred At the "Killing Fields" of Wounded Knee


L. Frank Baum's (Wizard of OZ Author) Editorials on the Sioux (Lakota) Peoples/Nation


The Indian-Oz Connection


The New Age, Hitler and the Occult

Jewish Writer For Wall Street Journal Justifies the Extermination of American Indians!

Jewish Exploitation Of American Indians

The Rhetoric of Extermination

Michael Medved

Michael Medved,  Jewish talk show host, denies the "American Holocaust", the genocide of Native Americans! 

That is like saying there was no "European Holocaust"! Call's Indian Nations "Struggling Stone Age Societies"!

 Read "The American Holocaust" - by Jewish Scholar Lilian Friedberg

"Rainbow Swastika" - "A Kinder, Gentler, Final Solution" - The New Age Plan for Jews, (Substitute "American Indians" for Jews!) 

Written by Hannah Newman - A Conservative Jew living in Israel and who I had the opportunity to interview 3 times.

"The Only Good Indian Is A Dead Indian"

Forced Sterilization of American Indian Women

"Arrogance of Ignorance"

Five Hundred Years of Injustice

"America's Pathological Behavior"

New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus'

The New Iraq sounds an awful lot like the Old Pine Ridge

How The West Was "Stolen"

Ethnic Cleansing, We Have It Here Too!

American Indian Sovereignty: Now you see it, now you don't!

Colonialism, Resistance, and De-Colonization

Columbus, Genocide of Natives, and His Jewish Ancestors


"It is readily acknowledged that Indian children lose their natural
resistance to illness by habitating so closely in these schools, and that
they die at a much higher rate than in their villages.

 But this alone does not justify a change in the policy of this Department,  which is geared towards the FINAL SOLUTION OF OUR INDIAN PROBLEM!"

- (Department of Indian Affairs Superintendent D.C. Scott to B.C. Indian
Agent-General Major D. McKay, DIA Archives, RG 10 series). April 12, 1910



A "Prototype of All Lakota/Dakota/Nakota and all other Reservations in this country

The "Model/Example" Hitler Used to Imprison Jews

Why Hitler LOVED America

"Hitler's concept of concentration camps as well as the practicality of genocide owed much, so he claimed, to his studies of English and United States history. He admired the camps for Boer prisoners in South Africa and for the Indians in the wild west; and often praised to his inner circle the efficiency of America's extermination - by starvation and uneven combat - of the red savages who could not be tamed by captivity." 

P. 202, "Adolph Hitler" by John Toland

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Christopher Columbus

. . . Rethinking Columbus . . .

A Spanish missionary, Bartolome de las Casas, described first-hand how the Spaniards terrorized the natives.[4] Las Casas gives numerous eye-witness accounts of repeated mass murder and routine sadistic torture. As Barry Lopez has accurately summarized it, "One day, in front of Las Casas, the Spanish dismembered, beheaded, or raped 3000 people. 'Such inhumanities and barbarisms were committed in my sight,' he says, 'as no age can parallel....' The Spanish cut off the legs of children who ran from them. They poured people full of boiling soap. They made bets as to who, with one sweep of his sword, could cut a person in half. They loosed dogs that 'devoured an Indian like a hog, at first sight, in less than a moment.' They used nursing infants for dog food."[2,pg.4] This was not occasional violence -- it was a systematic, prolonged campaign of brutality and sadism, a policy of torture, mass murder, slavery and forced labor that continued for CENTURIES. "The destruction of the Indians of the Americas was, far and away, the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world," writes historian David E. Stannard.[3,pg.x]


Eventually more than 100 million natives fell under European rule. Their extermination would follow. 

Columbus, Genocide of Natives, and His Jewish Ancestors

Deconstructing The American Mythology: Revisionist Western and U.S. History


The Annihilation of the Native Americans - With Statistics~! 

The National Day of Mourning 

A different `Thanksgiving' Perspective


 Past Genocides Committed Against American Indians

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Portrait of Congresswoman Diane Watson

Rep. Watson Attacks Cherokee Nation

Black Congresswoman Diane Watson Attempts To Legislate The Genocide/Termination Of The Cherokee Nation 

In the tradition of the Black Buffalo Soldiers As Mercenaries  

Watson's "People" Who Earned Their "Freedom" As "Mercenaries" and Were Recipients of 17 Medals of Honor for Killing American Indians

"Buffalo Soldier" on left with one of the Hotchkiss Guns used in the Massacre at Wounded Knee. The "Buffalo Soldiers" brought two of the four guns used.

The 1850 Slavery Act For American Indians - In the State of Congresswoman Diane Watson  

You don't hear Watson calling for "reparations" for the Native Americans in California who were slaughtered and had their land stolen and where she personally lives do you?

Click The Map Of California to See California Indian Pre-Contact Territories

Who's Illegals ?: Government and Public Policy, Failure and Genocide in California


"The American Holocaust" - "Manifest Destiny "

A Comparative History by Lilian Friedberg, A Jewish Scholar

Conversion to Jesus Catholic Style

How Can You Go To A Church That Killed So Many Indians?

Native American History, Comparative Genocide and the Holocaust

by Brenden Rensink

Reflections on "Manifest Destiny" and Race

Jeffery Amherst and Smallpox Blankets Of Death For Indians

Paul Harvey Triumphs Smallpox Blankets To Native Americans

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Lord Jeffrey Amherst's letters discussing germ warfare against American Indians .... 

Another Letter Confirming Genocide! 

This was the FIRST use of "Biological Weaponry" in the United States! and against American Indians! 


Old Indian Wars Dominate Bush Doctrines

The New Iraq sounds an awful lot like the Old Pine Ridge

From Alexander Hamilton and Iroquois to George Bush and Iraqis

Bill Clintons Speech of "Lies" on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation after the Tornados in 99

Clinton's "interference" in Mexico - From Wounded Knee to Chiapas


Geronimo - His Own Story

Prison Camps & The Trail Of Tears (Part 1)

Prison Camps & The Trail Of Tears (Part 2)

Trail of Tears - A Death March of the Cherokee

 Documents on the Sand Creek Massacre

Sand Creek Massacre - US Military/United Methodist Butchery

Trail of Tears from Mississippi walked by our Choctaw ancestors

The Effects of Removal on American Indian Tribes

Navajo Long Walk, to the suffering place

The Canadian Holocaust

 Murdered , Missing, and Abused Aboriginals by RCMP and others in Canada

The "Hidden From History: The Canadian Holocaust - The Untold Story of the Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples by Church and State in Canada - A Summary of an Ongoing, Independent Inquiry into Canadian Native 'Residential Schools' and their Legacy"

California Indian History - Genocide


Catholic Church abuse must not go unpunished

SOUL WOUND: The Legacy of Native American Schools

Abuse Charges Hit Rosebud Reservation Church-Run Schools Cited In Wide-Ranging Lawsuit

Philadelphia Grand Jury Report on Pedophile Priests

Sexual abuse by Catholic clergy


Manufacturing Assimilation

Federal Education Policy & Off-Reservation Schools 1870-1933

Brainwashing and Boarding Schools: Undoing the Shameful Legacy

Carlisle Indian Industrial School History


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Mr. "Dances With Wolves" THE THIEF of Lakota Culture For Evil Greedy Profit 

Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality

Standing Rock: America's Indian's Are Still Losing - Thank Costner!

Rosebud Sioux Tribe Hog Farm Contamination Information

The Case of Pine Ridge and Industrial Hemp

Hugo Chavez Steps Up for Native Americans Don't see Oprah do you?


A Necessary Critical Commentary Concerning Operation Morning Star and the Last 11 Years


Click "Hate Crime" 



Stop the Mascots and Sterotypes of Native Peoples

    Portrait of Congresswoman Diane Watson  

Diane E. Watson and Mel Watts - Whose offices are in the 

Home of the Washington "REDSKINS"



F.E.M.A'S Free Toxic Cancer/Death Causing Travel Trailers Offered by the U.S. Government

Anywhere from 2,000 to 12,000 "Mobile Homes" have been offered to "Indian Country" by FEMA and they are made of the same materials as the "camper trailers" and have NOT nor did FEMA schedule them to be tested for toxic contamination! 

FEMA  Hires and Uses Criminals


Click The Map Of California to See California Indian Pre-Contact Territories

Where are they NOW? 

"It was nuclear winter. It was like Armageddon. It looked like the end of the world,"

A Vision, Moses, California Destruction, and A Traditional Oglala Lakota Woman

Moses, America, and American Indians

Hopi Vision of America's Future

The discovery of truth is prevented more effectively,

 not by the false appearance of things present and which mislead into error,

 not directly by weakness of the reasoning powers, 

but by preconceived opinion, 

by prejudice. 

Arthur Schopenhauer

Very Short Overview and History and Accomplishments of Operation Morning Star

Past News Coverage of Operation Morning Star 

Operation Morning Star Adoption Program

Operation Morning Star Donate A Vehicle Program

Operation Morning Stars very first Truck in 98...a MAC...donated by Jack Carter of Carter Glass in Kansas the front yard of Mildred Alkire in Manderson on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. 2 of my very best friends and helpers on the right...Sandy and Steve. The 2 previous years, deliveries were made with a 74 J-10 4x4 JEEP pulling a 18 foot flat bed trailer!

Article published in the 20 Dec 07 issue of the Washington Times.

A Few Photos of Past OMS Activity to the Oglala Sioux Tribe

  • Tents  for  Oglala  Sioux  Tribe  tornado  victims  in  99 We also delivered one of the first loads of food to Loneman High School in Oglala. The Oglala Sioux Tribe POLICE tried to stop us and send us back to Pine Ridge CAPP OFFICE where all the items were being diverted so those who did not suffer loss from the tornados could STEAL from those who did! Big name THIEVES...Paul Little and Stanley Looking Elk AND where did the TWO MILLION BUCKS DONATED GO? Into the pockets of then Chairman Harold Salway and Tribal Treasurer Chuck "Who beats his wife with a belt all day" Jacobs!

    Operation Morning Star raised over $6700 dollars when I was a "radio talk show host" at KCXL 1140 (owner Pete "THE RACIST INDIAN HATER" stole my OMS web page) and used that money to purchase, deliver, and set up over 60 large 5 room family size tents for families who's homes were either destroyed or damaged by these tornados in the community of OGLALA! We got a special deal from Target

  • The Christmas Trip in 0/4 went to Pine Ridge Residents. The full semi-load from Teamsters 41, made stops at Allen at the Tribal Secretary's home, Donna Saloman, in Porcupine at Wilson Coleman's home, and in Manderson at Wilda Black Bear's home.



    This is a SEMI being loaded for our 0/4 Christmas Trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation taking "gifts" to the communities of Manderson, Porcupine, and Allen. 

    In the first photo, you see former Independence Mayor Ron Stewart on the left. He helped load the "Teamsters Local 41" 18 Wheeler which they "loaned to us"! 

    In the next photo, you see the "volunteer loading crew" who assisted loading the  van!  I am next to Mayor Stewart on his right. Ray Lewis on my right, was the "backbone" for many years of Operation Morning Star!

  • Photos of Christmas Trip to Cheyenne River Sioux

    '06 Christmas Trip 

    The 06 Christmas trip was made possible by the Conservative Jewish Congregation of Ohev Shalom Congregation in Kansas City, They financed the rental and fuel costs for the Penske Truck used for that trip. It is a LOVING Jewish Congregation under the leadership of Rabbi Scott White. I call them "Jews after the example of Jesus the Jew"! :)

  • A donation in late 0/6 of  23 NEW wood burning stoves and piping from Victorian Sales allowed us to deliver "HEAT" to homes without. These went to Cheyenne River, Rosebud, and Standing Rock Tribal Members in 12/06 and 2/07...

Letter of Thanks for 0/5 Christmas Trip to the Red Shirt Community on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Operation Morning Star delivered a loaded semi on Christmas Day

Unfortunately, Mary "THE THIEF" Fast Wolf and 3 of her partners in crime...friends of Roxanne and Theresa CHIEF THIEF Two Bulls, snuck into the auditorium while I was gone and loaded up 3 pick up trucks and a van full of the best stuff...NEW small appliances, bedding, clothes, fresh food, etc...and took them off for their own use and to sell at FLEA MARKETS. Fast Wolfs "foster home" is rumored to be a place where her hubby molests the girls there.

The semi used in this was from Dave Jungeblat of "Fright Limo". I drove it all by myself and yes, I have a Class A CDL! :) Thanks also to Local 41 of the Teamsters and OOIDA for allowing for "radio publicity".

'07 Supply Drop

07 Christmas Trip Review to Pine Ridge , Rosebud , Cheyenne River , and Crow Creek Reservations with photos. 

Gave away 41 NEW wood burning stoves, install kits, food supplies, appliances, hot water heaters. clothing, and toys. 

in 2007 ... when we returned to CRST in Oct. the stoves delivered in Feb. 0/6 were NOT delivered to those in need. According to the Property and Supply workers under Galan Means, the reason they were not delivered was because the stoves were "to heavy"! With permission of Tribal President Joseph Brings Plenty, I "repossessed" the HEAVY stoves with the help of two men from the substance abuse treatment center, and we delivered them to the families and elders on the original list. The two stoves "missing" apparently went to Means and a "rich" well to do tribal member names Ted Minor.

March '08 Supply Drop

June '08 Supply Drop

'08 Christmas Trip

  • We delivered a brand new donated BIG SCREEN TV to the Sacred Heart Battered Women's Shelter on the Rez. Donated by students from Blue River Community College along with 60 box's of other needed items, clothes, appliances, furniture, and food.

Both organizations, Teamsters 41 and Freight Limo, allowed for the use of their "18 wheelers" which were fully LOADED and which totaled OVER 80 Thousand Pounds or 40 TONS of food, appliances, clothing, wood burning stoves, toys, etc were delivered and distributed to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation!

Over a 11 year span, at least 13 fully loaded 22-26' box trucks and 10 pick-up w/18' flat bed trailer loads "collectively" went to the homes of Mildred Alkire in Manderson, Darwin Apple in Manderson, Arlette Loud Hawk at her home in Oglala, Wilda Black Bear in Manderson, to Loneman High School in Oglala to feed and "house" the '99' Tornado Victims with Family Size Tents. All of the above residents live on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Besides trips during the year, EVERY CHRISTMAS OMS made a delivery of toys, food, wood burning stoves, appliances and clothes to a Lakota Community since it's inception.  

Deliveries of food and clothing have gone to the Community Buildings in Pine Ridge under the "watching eyes" of Eileen Janice...and Mary Long and Ima Jean Charging Elk at the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Reservation (3 full loads).  Appliances, wood burning stoves, furniture along with food and good quality clothing were in these "give away" loads.


Close to 20,000 donated garden plants such as tomatoes, squash, beans, peas, watermelon, cucumbers, peppers etc., have been delivered to the Pine Ridge and Rosebud "Sioux" Reservations on two trips, one this year to Rosebud and in 2001 to the CAP Office in Manderson on the Pine Ridge Reservation. In 09, another load of garden plants went to Pine Ridge...5000 of a variety of beans, squash, tomatoes etc. 

Also, gardens planted, mini chicken farm put in place, 1 commercial and over 3 dozen non commercial sewing machines have been given for "work". 

Over (not enough) 70 families and individuals have been "adopted" by OMS supporters and myself personally. Moneys were sent to the grocery stores and propane companies in the name of the families at the Sioux Nations Grocery and PTI Propane and other locations at Eagle Butte on the CRST Rez, at PR or direct to individuals or families or Elders. 

We also built a food pantry in Manderson at the home of Mildred Alkire. It was lost in a fire. She was a recipient of a used donated commemorative "Smith and Wesson" van which was given her while I was a radio talk show host. She and her granddaughter Nikki came to Liberty to receive this "gift" and drive it back to Pine Ridge where it now sits broken down because she has no money to fix it.

There are hundreds of additional photos including the delivery of over $100,000 worth of new and like new wood burning stoves to 5 Dakota/Lakota Nations.

The photos of trips go back to 98, 99, 2000, 2002, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Past Kansas City News Paper articles on Operation Morning Star  Articles we were able to download and save.

A Few Reference Letters



  Email us at

Pedophile Infested Catholic Church Removes "Suicide Prevention" Radio Program By Richard Boyden....on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation


"Father of Lies" and child raping pedophile...John Hatcher... 

Head of The Pedophile Infested Catholic Church On The Rosebud Sioux Tribe Reservation Who Removed My Affective Radio Program Addressing The "State of Emergency" (63 suicidal attempts in three months!).

Pedophile Infested Catholic Church Removes "Suicide Prevention" Radio Program on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation

Historical Notes on Suicide on the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Reservation During This Period

Boarding School Genocide and Abuse of Native Americans in USA and Canada 

US Catholic Church of Jesuit Child Rapists and Pedophiles Busted

Here is more history of these particular crimes against Native American Humanity including the MURDER OF and MASS GRAVES of the children.  Boarding School Genocide and Abuse of Native Americans in USA and Canada

Unfortunately there are good hearted souls that are in this Church who by association are tainted by these Satan inspired devils in the flesh who are guilty of this diabolical treatment of Indigenous children. The day will come when the sheep will be separated from the "evil goats" that are a part of this history to this day and that will take place in the realms of eternity...where NO CRIME escapes the Justice of Almighty G-d. To offend a child is "guaranteed time in HELL" and deservingly so...where these reprobate minded beasts will be under the control of their REAL FATHER...say Satan!

Native American youth suicide crisis continues

During 2009-2010, Richard Boyden of Operation Morning Star (me) made presentations, gave talks, counseled, and provided ministry targeting the epidemic of suicide. He met with inmates at the Pine Ridge jail, youth at the detention center, schools, as well as in community centers and in the private homes on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud, and Crow Creek Reservations. He wrote an "inspired by G-d" article addressing the spiritual realities of suicide.

Over 3000 copies of this article distributed at convenience stores, the Veterans Pow Wow, the Black Hills Pow Wow, at schools, detention centers, convenience stores, and in homes. This article has proven to be extremely affective in turning Native youth and adults from the "idea" of committing "self-murder".

Unfortunately, "Race Haters" of me the "White man" such as Amanda Takes War Bonnet and her daughter Jennifer, the Reddest sisters, Lisa Schrader Dillon, Robin Tapio, and other "fake Lakota" women...did their best to make sure this information and Boyden's work was "snuffed".

Result? Increase in suicides on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation!

Prozac was the F.B.I "covered up" ingredient that was the "spiritual ammo" that allowed for the Red Lakes Murder-Murder Suicide on the Red Lakes Ojibwa Reservation!

Anti-depressants are given out like "candy" on Reservations throughout the country and are directly connected to the increase in suicides. On the Standing Rock Indian Reservation alone, there were over 288 attempted suicides in one year and PROZAC was the "candy" of that year!

Seven Examples of Incognito Genocide In Indian Country

Vaccines and Incognito Genocide In Indian Country

Operation Morning Star

"I deserve the this anger with what I did n said in anger that wasn't even truly me at all and I really don't believe those bad things about you at all. It was not my heart n mind speaking. I didn't have the strength to fight off all the demonic forces and if what you say is true about me, then all the more was I in over my head to help myself and so I completely failed as they wanted n they tried to destroy you in the process"

Click HERE to read the words of Jesus in response...

There are a number of reasons why I terminated most of Operation Morning Star but the PRIMARY REASON is directly connected to the Satan/Occult spirituality of those that have worked hard to assassinate my credibility and to destroy me in their admitting to listening to their "god SATAN" to do just that. What is shared is what I have been led by God to share as to why I have taken a step back from this work among most other endeavors.

If one is a "witch or a "New Ager" working with and among American Indians, then this information is for you! Realize by New Age Definition you are a "racist hater and exterminator" of the very people one states they "love"! 

Occult Connections to Satan and Child Sacrifie and Sexual Perversion

Occult Connections to Satan, Child Sacrifice, OTO, Aleister Crowley, Thelma, and Druids which represents and defines the spiritual essence of the New Age Movement.

I have put together LINKS with information on the Occult and thus Satan through the Aliester Crowley, Witch, OTO, Thelma Druid connections.


Click HERE and HERE for a basic understanding of the spiritual identity and the personal history of those who promised God to "love honor and cherish me until death do us part" as well as those who I have unselfishly sacrificed for!


Furthermore, these same "spiritualists" who have worked to destroy me have also worked to do the same to any all things that is Native America! Just remember that Hitler was in fact a NEW AGER as was L. Frank Baum..."Mr. Wizard of Oz" who said about Sitting Bull and ALL Native Americans.... "Annihilate them ALL"!


Click HERE to see a JEWISH commentary on Baum...this race hater of ALL New Age beliefs state!


Same with Custer and all FREE MASONS who worship their god LUCIFER who said "The only good Indian is a DEAD Indian!


I have chose to identify in particular those whose "spiritual foundation of lies, murder, and darkness" represent the "Liar and Murderer from the beginning"...even Satan!


 Annie Mae Aquash Murdered by American Indian Movment  John Trudell American Indian Movment Chairman who with Dennis Banks gave the order to kill Annie Mae Aquash Ray Robinson Murdered by the American Indian Movement


In particular because of my over 23 years of working in Indian Country through Operation Morning Star, I chose to start with a with a man who is a documented murderer and liar and who's friends are killers, rapists, pedophiles, and drug dealers in what is called The American Indian Movement.


His name is John Trudell.


Click HERE and HERE  and HERE and HERE and HERE to read about this Satan owned "Anti-Christ" soul who was American Indian Movement Chairman when he and his "brotherhood" actualized the rape and murder of First Nations woman Annie Mae Aquash, the murder of Black Man Perry Ray Robinson (Click HERE about AIMS murder of Robinson), 3 White woman and the murder of possibly up to 11 others at Wounded Knee in 1973 on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation!

And to think some of my "accusers" call me a RACIST while they IDOLIZE THEIR RACIST MURDERERS OF THIS BLACK MAN!

Click HERE to understand John Trudells BELIEFS...,his "SPRITUALITY" showing that he is in fact a New Age Worshipping Luciferian...say SATANIST!

Notice Trudell in the message below states "spirit knows what I say..." True words spoken by a Satan owned lying murdering soul!


John Trudells Death Threat Message to Richard Boyden


Trudell personally sent me this "threatening message" on Facebook. Why? Because I have exposed his lying murdering soul along with his "We have been watching you"...yes Trudell's American Indian Movement of fellow killers, rapists, pedophiles etc.


And another man who's spiritual essence is found in that which you will see below is without a doubt...totally Satanic and Anti-Christ in his spiritually identifying with abominations that include "child murder/sacrifice" and the very "worship of Satan".


He is a professed DRUID…READ AND LEARN  what he represents with those like him in their beliefs and practices of sexual perversion which includes the glorifying of sodomy and all that is "filthy" in the sight of Almighty God and child sacrifice.


Blaze Lee Satanist Druid


His Facebook page and name is Blaze Lee Dragon and he states that the spiritual origins of what he believes are "are fairly accurate"!

Someone made the made the following statement concerning me.

"When there is judgment, condemnation and if one is shunned/disowned it is very wrong. That's when I get so frustrated n want to remind them of some of the virtues that they claim to follow and yet they contradict from their own religious beliefs by their harsh n negative actions. I think (some) ppl need to just look in the mirror when their preaching instead of acting so condescending to others"

My response to this same person who sent me an email and said they they deliberately "listened to Satan to DESTROY me" about judgment, condemnation, and being disowned...when in fact they have done the same to me. The difference between them and I is that what I expose is of and from God and what they try to "justify" is the works of Satan in their lives and those they chose to identify with spiritually and temporally...including justifying fornication and adultery with the same "Satan led souls" the defend!

Add to this the TRUTH of "LEFT HAND OF SEXUAL DARKNESS" that one brings with them...and that is the very essence of the spirituality of a John Trudell...which IS THE VERY SEXUAL DARKNESS that is directly connected to the ONE who appeared to them...Aleister Crowley...


Click HERE if you claim to be a Jesus Christ Denying WITCH!

Click HERE for "Incubi Succubi Sex With DEMONS" inspired by Satan "your father"... who through one of his "expeverted demons" said to one of his PRIMARY targets..."I want what you have" and WHY?

His goal is to make you his "Sacred Whore"... "Spiritual Prostitute" and have "SEX WITH YOU" when he "CHANNELS IN YOU...WHICH ENABLES HIM TO EXPERIENCE THE "SEXUAL DARKNESS" HE INSPIRES called "Sexual Magic"...

Click HERE to understand this "SEXUAL COMMUNIAN WITH SATAN" to use the words of a WITCH...and follower of CROWLEY!

This includes  asking a man to be "Her Master and Her His Slut and Whore! Where else does this come from? Jesus Christ?!

Click HERE to see how a follower of Jesus exposes this "darkness" in it's workings.

This "Witch" talks about just how this happens when you get "STDS" or Sexually Transmitted Demons! Click HERE to know exactly what happens!

This is exactly why TRUDELLS FEMALE FOLLOWERS "like him" because he is inspired by the same SPIRIT of "sexual darkness" as explained HERE with his "sexual poetry" being the CHANNEL FOR DEMONS to "excite sexually"!

So...Crowley continues to "POSSESS/own souls" through "a" Trudell or someone of the "same spirit" which inspires "fornication and adultery" and will continue unless ONE REPENTS!

Crowley also promoted ANAL INTERCOURSE/SODOMY which abomination was the foundation of ALL "Mystery Religions" and the NAZI'S!

And there was also sodomites in the land and they did according to all the abominations of the nations which the LORD cast out before the children of Israel. 1Kings 14.24

Naamah the Demon Goddess and Sacred Prostitute

Click HERE to learn about WHY HE WANTS YOU ! 

And HERE to understand ones "Calling" for/from Crowley and Satan

"His women had to measure up to his definition of "Scarlet Woman." The Scarlet Woman's oath was to be loud and adulterous"

It is not a matter of "contradicting religious beliefs, judging, or acting condescending" but rather "vindicating myself" WITH THE TRUTH of what happened to me spiritually and temporally as a direct result of those who listen to Satan in their attacks of me.

Below are links to the "origins" leading direct to the Satanic inspired literal sacrifice of children, sexual perversion and sadism, and the phallic worship of Druids like Blaze Lee and those who follow that diabolical spirit willingly.

Click HERE to see examples of stories documenting Satanic Ritual Sacrifice of animals and children...WITCHES involved of course and after the order of Aliester Crowley's examples of over 150 children murdered in the NAME OF SATAN!

I ask ANYONE to find ANY VIRTURES I have personally expressed that are anything close to the pure Satanic evil and filth that I document! It is one thing to be tempted and even give in to temptation but it is another to SPIRITUALLY BE SEXUALLY DARK IN TIME AND ETERNITY!

I have indeed had to confront the "temptations" of as brought into my life by those who apologized for "bringing that very sexual darkness and perversion" into my life because of their choices of following "devils" such as "Aleister Crowley" who in fact follows them, channels into and speaks through them, as well as "lives in their home".

It is further confirmed who "owns one" when they state "IT IS SO GOOD TO BE HOME"..even where Crowley found place/LIVES under their bed"...with their family, children, and grandchildren even!

They ALL in fact admitted listening to Crowley "breath under the bed" of my "Satan inspired DESTROYER" !  

No wonder he attacks those ONLY when one is led to one sent from God!  

I am sharing this information about the basic foundation of the Occult to Satan and who attack those who are called to represent Jesus Christ in the realms of time.

Click HERE and know that those who attack the servants of Jesus Christ will be with Satan in the lake of fire and brimstone unless they repent...those who chose to "spiritually divorce" their husbands to marry "spiritually" and or commit adultery with those who are inspired by the very DEMON/SATAN who appeared to them as a child...even he who entered into her WHEN a child!

Sins of father and mother

It should be noted when a SON quotes Aleister Crowley as well as tries to kill himself that there is a direct connection to the "Sins of Father/Mother"...

Click HERE to see what God states and realize who a "Satanic Curse" starts on a family and which curse came into being through PARENTS and WILL remain in time and continue into eternity if NOT repented of.

The information below further exposes Satan and his dark works found among those "who love to listen to him" in spite of their "outward appearance"  representing "love and light"...keeping in mind that Satan appears and works as a "Angel of Light" in their lives and who owns "witches" and ALL in Free Masonry and the New Age Movement as documented below!

Richard Boyden 6/23/2015

Links to supporting documentation of the above

Blaze is a ....

Shaolin Shisuk
Druid of the Bardic Grade

Druids satanic freemason connection

Our religion therefore, for the People, is the Cult of the Sun, who is our particular star of the Body of Nuit, from whom, in the strictest scientific sense, come this earth, a chilled spark of Him, and all our Light and Life. His vice-regent and representative in the animal kingdom is His cognate symbol the Phallus, representing Love and Liberty. Ra-Hoor-Khuit, like all true Gods, is therefore a Solar-Phallic deity. "SAY LUCIFER >>>SATAN!"


The DEVIL "Aleister Crowley" has appeared to my accusers.


Read and learn about this Satanist and Beast and his filthy vile sexually perverted beliefs!  


Aleister Crowley, New Comment to Liber AL, verse III:22


Thelema is a solar-phallic gnostic religio-philosophy, or religion as some prefer to call it. It opposes the beliefs and practices of Christianity — among other religions — and offers in its place the central role of the individual and the procreative aspects of life, symbolized by both the sun and the phallus. It is satanic because it opposes the assertions of Judaism and Christianity regarding the role God, Jesus, original sin, and so forth, and values the myth of Satan as one who rebelled again Jehovah.

Thelema rejects all these notions that enslave humanity to a deity that would demand certain beliefs and actions and punish those who disobey. Satan represents the rejection of this belief system and the exultation of the individual. Is Satan central to Thelema? No. Is Satan mentioned in Thelema? Yes, frequently.

It is also to be considered that Nu is connected with North, while Had is Sad, Set, Satan, Sat (equals “Being” in Sanskrit), South. He is then the Sun, one point concentring Space, as also is any other star. The word ABRAHADABRA is from Abrasax, Father Sun, which adds to 365.

ibid., verse I:1

Satan, as illustrated above, is often lumped together with other deities from various mythologies (including Christianity) and is organized according to classical characteristics. Satan is associated with the south, with the element fire or air.1 These are also the elements associated with the Egyptian god, Ra, the sun. So is Satan important in the Thelemic system? Yes. Is he the central figure or model worshipped? No.

Satan is just one deity of many associated with some aspect of the solar-phallus which is the central idea or thing worshipped in Thelema.

This becomes even more apparent when one examines the suggested rituals of Thelema devised by Aleister Crowley.

They mention numerous deities and names of God, but rarely does Satan comes up, and usually only in commentaries.2 

So why does Satan come up in the first place? Thelema uses the divine names, images, stories and characteristics of a variety of religions and mythologies in its literature and practice. The central deities in Liber AL, are represented as Egyptian.

Crowley frequently makes reference to classical mythologies of the Greeks and Romans—such as in his Hymn to Pan, or his use of the Greek name, To Mega Therion. But probably the most influential mythology informing and underlying Thelema is that of the Abrahamic myths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This is apparent in a variety of places including Crowley’s moniker, The Great Beast, a reference to the Book of Revelation.

Other influences on Thelema directly related to Christianity are its millennialism, its emphasis on texts, and the use of certain names and actions in ritual, including the Gnostic Mass, which was modelled on a Christian Eucharistic ceremony. Crowley’s own background and the immersion in fundamentalist Protestantism resulted in a significant Christian influence on Thelema. Sometimes this manifested in symbolism, action, or belief. Other times it emerged as a distinct anti-Christian rhetoric, action, or belief.

This is why the symbol of Satan, as the adversary or rebel to the Christian god, was a frequent theme in Crowley’s work.

Those who try to downplay Satan’s presence in Thelemic material are trying to white wash Thelema’s distinct anti-Christian nature and the valuing of the myth of Satan. But being anti-Christian, however, does not mean Thelema is a form of Satanism. It does, however, mean that Thelema is certainly satanic. Ultimately the difference comes down to semantics. Do Thelemites worship Satan — as deity or otherwise? No.

Is Satan a common and potent symbol in Thelemic literature?

Yes. For some, the simple mention of Satan in a positive light is enough to claim Thelema is a form of Satanism. This type of thinking, however, would also mean that Thelema is an Egyptian religion, as it frequently mentions Egyptian deities; is a Hellenistic religion, as it frequently references classical Greek deities; as well as a Roman religion and a form of Islam, because all these mythologies are referenced positively in Thelemic literature. Thelemic literature values the myth of Satan, its symbolism and narrative without immediately jumping to the worship of Satan. Thus, Thelema is satanic but is not a form of Satanism. Image credit: Orin Zebest


The Pagan Roots Of Halloween By Michael Snyder, on October 21st, 2014


Most people that celebrate Halloween have absolutely no idea what they are actually celebrating.  Even though approximately 70 percent of Americans will participate in Halloween festivities once again this year, the vast majority of them are clueless about the fact that this is a holiday that is thousands of years old and that has deeply pagan roots.  If you are going to celebrate something, shouldn’t you at least know what you are celebrating? 


Before it was ever known as Halloween, this festival was known as Samhain.  According to Wikipedia, Samhain “is mentioned in some of the earliest Irish literature and is known to have pre-Christian roots”. 

The ancient Celts believed that Samhain was the time when the veil between the spirit world and our world was lifted and the ghosts of the dead were able to freely mingle with the living.  It was also a time to honor the Lord of the Dead known as Bel (note the similarity to Baal) or Chrom. 

Almost every major Halloween tradition including the jack-o’-lantern, trick-or-treating and wearing costumes is rooted in ancient Celtic practices.  In many areas of early America, Halloween was considered to be so evil that it was banned.  But today most Americans don’t even think twice about celebrating it.

To most people these days, Halloween is just a fun time to dress up, eat candy and attend parties.

But there are others that take this holiday extremely seriously.

For Wiccans, it is one of the most important times of the year. 

The following description of Samhain comes from

Samhain, (pronounced SOW-in, SAH-vin, or SAM-hayne) means “End of Summer”, and is the third and final Harvest. The dark winter half of the year commences on this Sabbat.

It is generally celebrated on October 31st, but some traditions prefer November 1st. It is one of the two “spirit-nights” each year, the other being Beltane. It is a magical interval when the mundane laws of time and space are temporarily suspended, and the Thin Veil between the worlds is lifted. Communicating with ancestors and departed loved ones is easy at this time, for they journey through this world on their way to the Summerlands.

It is a time to study the Dark Mysteries and honor the Dark Mother and the Dark Father, symbolized by the Crone and her aged Consort.

Originally the “Feast of the Dead” was celebrated in Celtic countries by leaving food offerings on altars and doorsteps for the “wandering dead”. Today a lot of practitioners still carry out that tradition. Single candles were lit and left in a window to help guide the spirits of ancestors and loved ones home. Extra chairs were set to the table and around the hearth for the unseen guest. Apples were buried along roadsides and paths for spirits who were lost or had no descendants to provide for them. Turnips were hollowed out and carved to look like protective spirits, for this was a night of magic and chaos. The Wee Folke became very active, pulling pranks on unsuspecting humans. Traveling after dark was was not advised. People dressed in white (like ghosts), wore disguises made of straw, or dressed as the opposite gender in order to fool the Nature spirits.

So how in the world did a pagan festival known as Samhain become the holiday known as “Halloween” that we celebrate today?

Well, in the early seventh century a Catholic Pope known as Gregory the First decided that the best approach to ensure the continued spread of Catholicism was to “christianize” existing pagan holidays and practices

As a result of their efforts to wipe out “pagan” holidays, such as Samhain, the Christians succeeded in effecting major transformations in it. In 601 A.D. Pope Gregory the First issued a now famous edict to his missionaries concerning the native beliefs and customs of the peoples he hoped to convert. Rather than try to obliterate native peoples’ customs and beliefs, the pope instructed his missionaries to use them: if a group of people worshipped a tree, rather than cut it down, he advised them to consecrate it to Christ and allow its continued worship.

An existing Catholic festival known as All Saints Day (or All Hallows Day) was moved to the same time as Samhain.  Eventually, All Hallows Eve became known as “Halloween”, but many of the ancient Celtic traditions never disappeared.

Most people don’t realize this, but some of these ancient traditions even involved human sacrifice.


The following is whatoccult expert Bill Schnoebelen says the Druids would do at this time of the year…

Druids worshiped the sun god, called by names like Bel (Ba’al?) or Chrom. On October 31, they believed that he died and went into the kingdom of the dead, Anwynn.

 The purpose of Samhain was to insure his return.

Even witches admit this involved human sacrifice.

Both animal and human blood were believed to be needed to resurrect Bel on Samhain.

Human blood was believed to open the gates of Anwynn and released the spirits for a night.

Thus, October 31 came to be associated with ghosts.

This is not just history. Samhain is still celebrated by Pagans and is the most solemn ceremony on their “religious calendar”.

And of course it is not just Bill Schnoebelen that teaches this. 

In fact, the May 1977 edition of National Geographic admitted that Samhain was a time when “firstborn children were sacrificed”.

So back then it definitely was not the light-hearted holiday that most Americans celebrate today.

Other “Halloween traditions” also have their roots in the Druidic practices of the ancient Celts.

For example, have you ever wondered where the “Jack-0-Lantern” comes from?


Here is more from Schnoebelen

Here it’s a pumpkin, but in Europe it was often a turnip, or a skull with a candle in it. This serves two symbols, 1) the lord of the Dead, a “god” just like a Buddha – in short, an idol. 2) The fearsome face represented the god, Samhain, who would drive off less powerful demons that night.

The lights in the Jack-o-Lantern symbolize the “faery fires” or “Will’o the Wisps” which were believed to be the lost souls flitting through the night. They also hearken back to the huge Samhain “balefires” which were lit to help conjure back the god from the darkness.


The traditions of dressing up in costumes and going trick-or-treating also come from the Druids. 

The following is an excerpt from an article posted on

For example, among the ancient Druids, “The ghosts that were thought to throng about the houses of the living were greeted with a banquet-laden table. At the end of the feast, masked and costumed villagers representing the souls of the dead paraded to the outskirts of town leading the ghosts away.”

As already noted, Halloween was thought to be a night when mischievous and evil spirits roamed freely. As in modern poltergeist lore, mischievous spirits could play tricks on the living—so it was advantageous to “hide” from them by wearing costumes.

Masks and costumes were worn to either scare away the ghosts or to keep from being recognized by them:

In Ireland especially, people thought that ghosts and spirits roamed after dark on Halloween. They lit candles or lanterns to keep the spirits away, and if they had to go outside, they wore costumes and masks to frighten the spirits or to keep from being recognized by these unearthly beings.


You may say that “it doesn’t mean that to me”, but even today there are large numbers of people that take this stuff deadly seriously.

On page 96 of the Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey wrote the following…

“After one’s own birthday, the two major Satanic holidays are Walpurgisnacht (May 1st) and Halloween.”

Most people will never see it, but in dark corners and out of the way places some incredibly sinister things will take place in America on Halloween night.

Just like for the ancient Celts, there are people out there that truly believe that it is a night to commune with the spirits.

If you are a pagan and a "witch", you probably already know all of this stuff.

If you are not a pagan, you might want to think twice before you do things that could potentially open up doorways to Satan's spirit realm.

What is the answer to this SIN on the part of myself and others? The word is REPENTANCE!

Satan has done his work to turn US away from Jesus and each other and as in times past when we turned to Jesus for deliverance in His destroying the works of Satan in our lives...He did just that and WE were HEALED! HOW? REPENTANCE to God and each other is how!

Click HERE to read the MANY applications of this word as inspired by God to and through those who repented and did NOT repent and the the "eternal results".

May God forgive us as we forgive each other when we REPENT is my prayer and hope for us such that He again can deliver us from EVIL! The love of Jesus is NEVER "lost forever"...on the "Liar from the beginning" would have us believe his lie...for as one once said..."There is no love in Satan". Therefore it is no wonder he attacks the very love Jesus is the author of...even He who said He would fight out battles and destroy the works of Satan" so as to restore the love He was the author of...even that gift of "eternal love" never to be experienced with another because "we loved to listen to Satan" over Jesus as admitted by us.


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