Bright and Morning Star Jesus who inpired me to do Operation Morning Star





Terminated (Except for "Sponsorship Program")


"Sponsoring" a Elder or Family means you contact the grocery store or utility companies and "assist" them by purchasing food or propane "In Their Name"! Like a "matchmaking service". I contact those in need saying YOU want to "sponsor" them. You will then get all their contact info. If you want to go visit, give away a car of truck or send presents and gifts to children etc...that is between you and those you are "matched with".


I am "out of the picture" after that and do not touch any $ etc. in spite of the false accusations against me combined with death threats and betrayals of my heart by the very ones I have loved! But...those days are over... as my God knows only to well!


Example being ... click >>> Richard Boyden "Jacketed" With Slander and Lies By "Fake Indian Pedophile Rapists Lee White Horse and Roy Lombardo"


One last thing I will leave and that is my ministry work in the area of "suicide" in Indian Country and for the sake of those souls being deceived by Satan that "self murder" is the answer. It is read and learn!



Journey To The Spirit World By Suicide


Email me at if you want to sponsor a Lakota Elder and or a family and let me know what you want to do etc..


Thank you. Richard Boyden


        Agnes Running Enemy 


I thank God for using me to help those that He moved my heart to love. I thank all those who of you who assisted me as you have to feed and cloth thousands of American Indians in South Dakota. May God bless each of you for doing what you did because of the love of Jesus in your hearts for His people.


 Richard Boyden - Founder Operation Morning Star 5/15/14  - 




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